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200 Trio

Genre: Jazz

The members of 200 Trio met during their time at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Since then, guitarist Cole Schuster and bassist Greg Feingold moved to Seattle to join drummer Max Holmberg in swinging endeavors. 200 Trio is available for private parties, weddings, concerts, and more and can be found regularly performing around Seattle.

200 Trio

Genre: Jazz

  1. Thursday, January 22 9:00 PM (21+)

The members of 200 Trio met during their time at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Since then, guitarist Cole Schuster and bassist Greg Feingold moved to Seattle to join drummer Max Holmberg in swinging endeavors. 200 Trio is available for private parties, weddings, concerts, and more and can be found regularly performing around Seattle.

A Winged Victory For The Sullen w/ Hildur Gudnadottir from Múm

Genre: Ambient , Experimental , Jazz , Modern

  1. Tuesday, December 09 7:30 PM (All ages)

‘A Winged Victory For The Sullen’ is the first installment of the new collaboration between Stars Of The Lid member Adam Wiltzie and L.A. composer Dustin O’Halloran. The duo agreed to leave the comfort zone of their home studios and develop the recordings with the help of large acoustic spaces, hunting down a selection of 9ft grand pianos that had the ability to deliver extreme sonic low end. Other traditional instrumentation was used including string quartet, French horn, and bassoon, but always juxtaposed is the sound of drifting guitar washed melodies. The recordings began with one late night session in the famed Grunewald Church in Berlin on a 1950s imperial Bösendorfer piano and strings were added in the historic East Berlin DDR radio studios along the River Spree. One last session on a handmade Fazioli piano in a private studio deep in the Northern cusp of Italy, before the final mixes took place in a 17th century villa near Ferrara with the assistance of Francesco Donadello. All songs were then processed completely analogue straight to magnetic tape. Their secret to harvesting new melodic structures from the thin air of existence was for the duo to push themselves to dangerous territory, realising that clear thinking at the wrong moment could stifle the compositions. The final result is seven landscapes of harmonic ingemination. In ‘Requiem For The Static King Part One’ – created in memory of the untimely passing of Mark Linkous – they have taken the age-old idea of a string quartet and then shot it out a cannon to reveal exquisite new levels of sonic bliss. Of the 13 minute track ‘Symphony Pathétique’, Wiltzie says ‘after almost 20 years of struggling to create interesting ambient drone music, I feel like I have finally figured out what I am doing’. Notable guest musicians include Icelandic cellist Hildur Gudnadottir, as well as Erased Tapes label comrade Peter Broderick on violin. A Winged Victory For The Sullen is not a side project – it is the future of the late night record you have always dreamed of.

On May 24th 2007, in Bologna, Italy, Adam was on tour and playing with the late Mark Linkous & his beloved Sparklehorse, on what would be their final European tour. That night Adam invited friend and colleague Francesco Donadello to see the concert, and Francesco’s guest this evening was composer Dustin O’Halloran (Sofia Coppola’s ‘Marie Antoinette’ O.S.T.). Through a strange twist of backstage conversations surrounding passport cache conundrums, and love of Italian gastronomy, a curious friendship began that now has brought forth an offspring of truly curative compositions for the world to savour.

A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Requiem For The Static King Part One (Official Video) from Erased Tapes on Vimeo.

Abbey Arts presents: The Winter Round featuring Naomi Wachira, Cataldo (solo) + more

Genre: Benefit , Holiday , Singer-songwriter

  1. Saturday, December 06 8:00 PM (All ages)

Abbey Arts presents: The Winter Round

A fundraiser party & multi-arts concert to empower nonprofit arts programs & cultural events in Seattle for people of all ages and incomes. Fremont, Ballard, Capitol Hill. Non-religious. Since 2005.

The 2014 edition of The Winter Round will feature:

Naomi Wachira, Eric Anderson (Cataldo)

And Yet, plus up & coming young artists Coho, Sophia Duccini, and more.

Slam Poets: Matt Gano, Chelsey Richardson

Live Painters:

Siolo Thompson painting one large piece to auction off

Fritha Strand painting small pieces for any $100+ donor

Adrian Belew Power Trio w/ Saul Zonana

Genre: Rock Guitarist

Adrian Belew (born Robert Steven Belew, December 23, 1949, in Covington, Kentucky) is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. He is perhaps best known for his work as a member of the progressive rock group King Crimson (which he has fronted since 1981) and for his unusual impressionistic approach to guitar playing (involving arresting, yet frequently melodic sounds more akin to animals and machines than to standard instrumental tones).

Widely recognized as an “incredibly versatile player”,[1] Belew has released nearly twenty solo albums for Island Records and Atlantic Records which blend Beatles-inspired pop-rock with more experimental fare. His 2005 single “Beat Box Guitar” was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Rock Instrumental Performance category. In addition to being a member of King Crimson, he is also in the more straightforward pop band The Bears and fronted his own band, “Gaga”, in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He has worked extensively as a session and touring musician, most famously with Talking Heads, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, and Nine Inch Nails.

Belew has recently moved into instrument design, collaborating with Parker Guitars to help design his own Parker Fly signature guitar. This guitar is noticeably different from the standard design, containing advanced electronics such as a sustainer pickup and a Line 6 Variax guitar modelling system. It is also MIDI-capable, allowing it to be used with any synthesizer with MIDI connectivity.


Genre: Afro-pop , Jazz , Soul

  1. Saturday, January 03 9:00 PM (21+)

Seattle trio Afrocop performs improvised soundscapes of soul, afrobeat, breakbeat, sci-fi and jazz. Chicago native Noel Brass Jr. (keys) formed the band as a means to express his psychedelic gospel leanings. Veteran Seattle players Andy Sells (FCS North, Cascadia ’10, Fascination Nation) & Carlos Tulloss (Screens, Stereo Sons, Undersea Passage) bring the beats and low end to the mix.

Alan Doyle

Genre: Blues Guitar , Folk Rock , R&B , Singer-songwriter

  1. Thursday, March 05 7:30 PM (All ages)

Alan Doyle, actor, producer, newly-minted best-selling author, and best-known as lead singer for Newfoundland’s beloved Great Big Sea these past 20+ years, is set to release his second solo album, So Let’s Go, on January 20. Title-track lead single So Let’s Go, is a rousing rallying cry that’s only further proof of Doyle’s ability to draw the listener under his banner. Equally adept at drawing a crowd, Doyle will be embarking on a North American tour upon album release.

Made in collaboration with Thomas ‘Tawgs’ Salter (Lights, Walk Off The Earth), Jerrod Bettis (Adele, Serena Ryder), Gordie Sampson (Keith Urban, Willie Nelson), and Joe Zook (OneRepublic, Katy Perry), the album follows Doyle’s first solo outing, Boy On Bridge, released in 2012. “If there’s an over-arching theme on this record, it’s one of optimism...not that this is in contrast to my previous doom- laden songs!” laughs Doyle, who says this album is freer than Boy On Bridge in the respect of being open to all influences. “On my last solo record I wanted to explore musical backyards of friends of mine in different parts of the musical world. It was as much a physical as a musical journey away from home. On So Let’ s Go, folks will hear much more stuff from my backyard and all the traditional and Celtic influences I grew up with, married with the most contemporary collaborators out there.” A non-traditional marriage for Doyle was writing his first book simultaneously with the album, the best-selling memoir Where I Belong, released last month.

The album’s eponymous song is consistent with Alan Doyle’s ethos: we’re lucky to be here so let’s make the most of it. This spirit also infuses the heartfelt Take Us Home while Sins of a Saturday

Night celebrates a come-what-may approach. The album also gets reflective in moments, such as the plaintive Laying Down To Perish, inspired by a visit to Fogo Island. As a whole, So Let’s Go remains consistent with Alan Doyle’s enthusiasm for the wider world combined with a love for the comfort of home.

Alan Doyle hails from Petty Harbour, NL, and formed Great Big Sea in 1993 with Sean McCann, Bob Hallett, and Darrell Power, in which they fused traditional Newfoundland music with their own pop sensibilities. Their nine albums, double-disc hits retrospective, and two DVD releases have been declared Gold or Platinum and have sold a combined 1.2 million copies in Canada. So Let’s Go continues to cement Alan Doyle’s reputation as one of our country’s most treasured musicians and storytellers. “I always want people to have the greatest night of their life when the house lights go down.”

An Acoustic Holiday Concert with Gypsy Soul

Genre: Jazz , Neo Soul , Singer-songwriter , Soul

  1. Sunday, December 07 7:00 PM (All ages)

Cilette Swann and Roman Morykit first met in Edinburgh, Scotland, some 22 years ago, “and it was musical lust at first sight,” she recalls. Vancouver, BC native Cilette, of Irish and South African descent, had been in Paris, singing in French jazz bands, while British-born Roman, with roots in the Ukraine and Italy, arrived from London, where his rock band, Raising Cane had just been dropped by a major label.

After a few months of writing and recording, the pair's professional relationship became romantic and soon the two were married and Gypsy Soul was born. Ten albums and half a million miles later, the two have forged a musical career that has taken them all over the world, building up a loyal audience that has enabled them to sell 1.5 million downloads internationally and 120,000 CDs in the U.S. alone. They've had their songs licensed in numerous TV shows including: Providence, Roswell, Felicity and others, airing globally. Their music has also been featured in the movies, After Sex and Quick Sand.

Anchored by lyricist Swann’s crystal-clear and expressive vocals and composer/arranger Morykit’s multi-instrumental musical ability, with a sound that ranges from full-on americana heartland rock to country, blues, R&B, and soul, Gypsy Soul have graduated from playing art and wine festivals throughout the western states to headlining the prestigious 2,200-seat Britt Festival in their current home of Jacksonville in beautiful southern Oregon. They have had a Top 40 hit at AC radio with “Silent Tears,” scored a Top 5 on the International New Age and Top 10 on the Folk charts. They have also won numerous independent music awards along the way, including International Acoustic Music Awards with “Soul Of A Girl,” Independent Music Awards with “Angel From Montgomery,” and Just Plain Folks with the album, Beneath The Covers: A Rediscovery.

"Cilette Swann's voice is haunting and Roman Morykit's musicianship is superb. Their music stirs the soul and moves the spirit." - Monica Rizzo, PEOPLE Magazine

”Four stars.” “...Catchy, folk-based pop/rock songs with inventive arrangements suggested what a second Buckingham Nicks LP might have sounded like if Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks had not joined Fleetwood Mac.” - ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"Gypsy Soul is one of the most brilliantly instrumented and vocally adept bands alive and kicking. The most original material in the folk-rock scene today, totally unique and captivating." - Orange County WEEKLY

"A gorgeous mix of rich female folk, pop, jazz with touches of bluegrass. This is highly enriched folk that nourishes the dried up gardens of the soul." - CD BABY

An Evening with David Lindley

Genre: Everything , Folk

  1. Thursday, January 08 7:30 PM (All ages)

Multi-instrumentalist David Lindley performs music that redefines the word "eclectic." Lindley, well known for his many years as the featured accompanist with Jackson Browne, and leader of his own band El Rayo-X, has long championed the concept of world music. The David Lindley electro-acoustic performance effortlessly combines American folk, blues, and bluegrass traditions with elements from African, Arabic, Asian, Celtic, Malagasy, and Turkish musical sources. Lindley incorporates an incredible array of stringed instruments including but not limited to Kona and Weissenborn Hawaiian lap steel guitar, Turkish saz and chumbus, Middle Eastern oud, and Irish bouzouki. The eye-poppingly clad "Mr. Dave's" uncanny vocal mimicry and demented sense of humor make his onstage banter a highlight of the show.

David Lindley grew up in southern California, first taking up the banjo as a teenager, and subsequently winning the annual Topanga canyon banjo and fiddle contest five times as he explored the American folk music tradition. between 1967 and 1971 Lindley founded and lead what must now be seen as the first world music rock band, the Kaleidoscope. In 1971, Mr. Dave joined forces with Jackson Browne, serving as Jackson's most significant musical co-conspirator until 1981. In 1979, Lindley had begun working with old friend Ry Cooder on 'Bop Till you Drop' and 'The Long Riders' sound track, a musical collaboration that lasts to this day, and has spawned many recording projects and several world tours as an acoustic duo.

In 1981, Lindley created his own remarkable Band El Rayo-X, which integrated American roots music and world beat with a heavy reggae influence. 'El Rayo-X', 'Win This Record' and 'Very Greasy', as well as a live e.p. during this period he also came forth with a solo album, 'Mr. Dave'. Lindley and guitarist Henry Kaiser went to Madagascar for two weeks in 1991 and recorded six albums of indigenous Malagasy music (including two collaborative cd's, 'A World Out of Time' volumes one and two on Shanachie) which proved to have a major impact on the world music scene, both for the quality of the Grammy nominated music recorded, and the fair and ethical way the Malagasy musicians were dealt with. Throughout this long and distinguished career, Lindley has been one of Hollywood's most in demand session musicians, lending his skills to the recorded works of Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Linda Ronstadt, Crosby and Nash, Warren Zevon, and many others.

Anna Coogan w/ Carrie Akre

Genre: Everything , Folk , Singer-songwriter

  1. Friday, January 09 8:00 PM (All ages)

After twelve years playing solo and in country bands in post-grunge Seattle, Anna Coogan moved to Ithaca, NY in 2011. After seeing the Johnny Dowd Band perform during her first month in town, Anna traded in her acoustic guitar for a 1979 Stratocaster and submerged herself in Ithaca’s thriving experimental rock scene. Willie B, a fellow Bostonian and Dowd’s longtime drummer, joined Anna in early 2013 for a show supporting Taj Mahal at the State Theater in Ithaca, along with musical powerhouse JD Foster (Calexico, Patty Griffin, Marc Ribot) on bass. Scheduling conflicts prevent Foster from joining them further, and Anna and Willie began to shift towards performing as a duo with Willie holding down the rhythm section.

Willie, best known for incorporating bass pedals into his drum set up and playing drums and bass at the same time, has spent years on the road with Johnny Dowd, Jamie Lidell, and Neko Case, including six weeks on the road with Lidell supporting Elton John.  Anna, who trained classically in Austria and worked for years as a fisheries biologist, has been building a career as an alternate-folk singer on stages across the world for most of the last decade. She was noted by the Times of London as a must-see touring act of the 2013 UK festival season and has performed live on the BBC, KEXP, and Germany’s largest radio station, WDR 4. Her music has been described as “absolutely gorgeous” by the BBC and given 4 Stars by the Daily Telegraph.

Anna and Willie reunited with Foster in the waning months of 2013, to create “The Birth of the Stars” an album of nine original songs co-written with Foster, to be released around the world in October 2014. They continue to write and record and will be releasing more music in early 2015.

It was in the late 1980’s we first heard Carrie Akre’s voice come out of the Seattle grunge scene as the lead singer of Hammerbox.Her sultry and melodic voice breathed new life into the grunge movement, something that we hadn’t heard before in the very male dominated scene.Hammerbox released two albums, Hammerbox and Numb, before splitting up in 1995. It wasn’t long though and Carrie was back, singing lead for her new band Goodness. They released three albums before disbanding in 2005. Her time in these bands earned her the title as, “The Queen of Seattle Music”. In addition to a solo career, Carrie joined the Rockfords (a side project started by Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready) and also collaborated with the The Best Kissers in the World, Radio Nationals, Curtains for You and The Smithereens. Her latest record, Last the Evening, was released in 2007 on Loveless Records. Currently, Carrie is launching a new Kickstarter on Halloween 2014, teaching Creative Classes to support the creative minded and performing around the Seattle area. By Marcye Mokler

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