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Scott Giampino :: Talent Buyer

2014 marks Scott's tenth year at the Triple Door, and he's helped create a unique niche in the Seattle marketplace for The Triple Door, as well as showcasing the venue's one-of-a-kind setting to performers and patrons around the globe.

Craig Montgomery :: Sound Engineer

With the Triple Door since 2005, Craig brings a unique mix of experience.  Having toured internationally with some of Washington State's most famous rock bands, and mixed corporate events for the Puget Sound area's biggest companies, Craig understands the needs of both types of clients.

Craig lives in the Central District of Seattle with his wife Eve and son Ian.

Mike Klay :: Graphic Designer

Mike is a jack of all trades around these parts and has been with the company since 2005.  He is behind every printed item you see with Wild Ginger and The Triple Door on it.  When he's not designing for The Triple Door or Wild Ginger he is busy booking art for the Musicquarium Lounge walls, updating the web site, monitoring social media, or eating a delicious sandwich.  Mike also designs and screen prints concert posters and art prints in his spare time.  See his work at http://www.powerslidedesign.com

Paul Strong :: Lighting Director

Paul is a lighting and construction wizard.  He will build you the most complex structure out of the rarest materials and then light it from 5 different sources to create a brand new spectrum of light no one has ever seen before. 

Ross Piper :: Manager

Ross has been with The Triple door in some capacity since 2009. Hailing from the heartland he is a proud Wisconsinite though under the influence of his grandfather has a deep love of Detroit sports usually donning the olde English D, Honolulu blue and has designs to immortalize the Red Wings by tattooing their logos on his feet, a misguided notion that the Mercurial markings will make him look faster. The only other lasting passion has been music. Growing up in the rurals without the aid of a record store he spent his Sunday nights in the basement listening to rebroadcasts of KROQ's top 50, recording the weekly show onto cassettes. Eventually stumbling into the world of punk rock he found new favorite bands through compilations, mail ordering full lengths directly from the small labels and in some cases bands themselves. These days it's everything from the Misfits to Godspeed you! Black Emperor to Bon Iver to Parts and Labor. As the production manager he is only able to watch snippets of the shows he helps produce but is constantly humbled to work with and in many cases be introduced to many of the eclectic acts who perform on our stage.

Lydia Ramsey :: Box Office Lead/Musicquarium Talent Buyer

Lydia Ramsey loves being surrounded by music.  A natural born shredder, Ramsey thrives on the endless effect the waves of audio have on human kind. To the Music!
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