María José Llergo

Mainstage Theatre, 216 Union Street, Seattle

As the soul and free verse of what is called “cante” in Spain, María José Llergo (Pozoblanco, 1994) knows exactly what she is doing and what she wants. A young woman whos nomadic spirit flees from styles and clichés without renouncing her flamenco and Andalusian roots.

While always respectful to the tradition inherent in her, her music is not afraid of a metamorphosis that embraces the avant-garde. A latent chrysalis that generates beautiful butterflies in the form of songs that shock deeply. She knows how to display a torrent of sensitivity deeply influenced by Lorca, with the boldness and freshness of the most current sounds. Her secret is to sing from the gut to the heart. A hurricane of emotions through a sweet voice that makes skin crawl. Honesty and brutal vitality is her non-negotiable artistic commitment. A unique character with the ability to surprise and transcend.

$30 General // $35 Premium